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So, here it is – Im giving it away.  Printing it cost me 15,000 dollars last year, 300+ days to actually write, pencil, and color, plenty of effort, and out of 1000 copies I sold maybe 100 of them.  So, cant afford to do that again.  Not without a publisher or sponsor.

However, of primary importance to me was to share this epic story with the world – as many as possible – and then keep at it.  Im working on #2 as you read this, but meanwhile, here is #1.  Its free.

If you want to do me a kind favor in return for this year of solid work, all I ask is that you (PLEASE) spread the word – tell EVERYONE about this – post it, link it – whatever – and ask your friends to do the same, and hopefully they ask their friends and so on.  If I can get enough followers, some publisher (or someone) might pick it up and then issues 2+ will be in print, rather than just online.  (I intend to print 100 or so copies for comicon (booth 4922), probably in black and white, just to see it done and real.  Boy, someday THOSE will be seriously collectible.  Hopefully…)  You, the fans, have all the power that can make this work – and if you feel kind after reading it,  send it to the four corners of the earth.  Just put the “copyright 2016 by Cutter Hays” on there for me, and you have my personal thanks.

This story is very large, by the way – well over 4000 pages if I do it right.  Im working as fast as I can to finish it for you while being a (almost) one man operation.  My buddy Steve Rude said he would do the cover to #2, so thats pretty cool.  I intend to have fun with this no matter what.  It will be something different every time, as long as the story gets told to the best of my ability.

Its intended to be about rated R, by the way.  I deliberated for years, but finally chose not to censor it at all.  Its gonna be how it was delivered to my imagination, no holds barred.  It will definitely go places that will offend some people, and Im okay with that.  Most people will think thats just fine.  I mean, everyone digs Game of Thrones and Walking Dead.  I dont think it’ll get worse than that… But you *never know*!  MUAHAAHAHA…. 😉

Thanks for reading.  Hope you like it.

Cutter Hays

March, 2017


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